Nicole Figueiredo

Los Angeles, California
Nicole Figueiredo

I graduated Cosmetology school from Riverside City College in 1998. Although my training mainly focused on hair, I really had a passion and love for skin care. In Cosmetology school, during one of my brief skin care courses, I had an instructor show an IDI video… and I was hooked! I thought it was one of the most amazing things I had ever seen and knew I wanted to take classes as soon as I passed state board. Literally, the day after I passed, I was signing up for classes and was thrilled to start. My first class was Galvanic and High Frequency Treatments with Annet King. I had such a wonderful experience; I quickly became a student on a regular basis and absorbed the information like a sponge. I received my 100 hour Certificate of Achievement within a few months of training and was on my way to becoming a skilled skin therapist.

Being from the Inland Empire in California, I was very interested in working at Glen Ivy Hot Springs Spa in Corona. They carried Dermalogica and I knew that I would again be able to further my education working for them. After 6 months of persistent resume updates and making myself known to the spa managers, I was given the great opportunity of working there. I practiced skin care at Glen Ivy for about 3 ½ years, strengthening my mechanical skills and developing a real understanding of the skin care industry. While working at Glen Ivy, I had an even bigger vision of my future self. I was gaining experience with and knowledge of the skin so that one day I might be part of IDI and the Dermalogica team as an educator.

In March of 2003 my life changed forever and I was given the amazing opportunity to work as an IDI and Dermalogica educator. I did so for about 4 years. To this day, it was one of the best career experiences, but most of all, life experiences I have ever had. Through my experiences with IDI and Dermalogica, I developed another passion: nursing. I currently am in my last semester of nursing school at Riverside City College. I hope to one day combine my new found nursing skills with my love for skin care. Although I have taken a slightly different path with my career, IDI and Dermalogica are in my blood and there are so many things that I learned from my experiences with them; I literally still use these skills each and every day in some way, shape or form. To IDI and Dermalogica, thank you from the bottom of my heart… you’re much more than a skin care and education company!

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About Me

  • Occupation: Skin Therapist
  • Years in Industry: 12
  • Favorite IDI Class: Skin Series: Aging Skin
  • To IDI and Dermalogica, thank you from the bottom of my heart… you’re much more than a skin care and education company!