Heather Wilson

Tulsa, Oklahoma
Heather Wilson

I decided to go to esthetics school 3 years after I started working in the industry as a spa manager. The spa I worked at used the Dermalogica product line, which is what sparked my interest. It was then that I discovered my passion for skin care! I attended all of the theory classes I could as a spa manager before I enrolled in esthetics school. When I attended school, I honestly felt I learned very little about real world application, so I just put in my hours to pass my boards and get my license. Having already worked in the spa environment, I knew the basics. But I wanted to learn more, because without more knowledge, I knew I would not be successful.

IDI has become a huge resource to me. Not only do I call anytime I have a trouble or questions, but I travel to my closest IDI (Dallas!) about once a month for education and am always SO eager to get the new calendars and enroll in upcoming classes. I've even retaken a few classes, and every time, I learn something new. It not only educates me as a therapist but it keeps me motivated and inspired.

My clients get just as excited when I tell them I am traveling to Dallas. They always ask, "For Classes? Which ones?" and when I tell them, they are so excited to hear about my newly learned skill at their next appointment. That alone is worth every day I travel and dime I spend because my clients KNOW I am passionate, educated and I can solve any of their issues with a professional edge. They know that their best interest is my biggest concern. I am so lucky to have the resources that Dermalogica provides.

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About Me

  • Occupation: Skin Therapist and Spa Director
  • Years in Industry: 6
  • Favorite IDI Class: Get to Know Dermalogica
  • IDI has become a huge resource to me.