Sandee Regier

West Linn, Oregon
Sandee Regier

In 1985, when I first received information from IDI on their post-graduate esthetics courses, I could already tell by the brochure design and wonderful information that I wanted to attend. I had a master's degree in another field, but that wouldn't help me in my new career in esthetics... so, I enrolled for one class. I was so thrilled by the level and caliber of training that I talked my best friend into letting me sleep on her couch in Los Angeles for almost three months because I wanted to complete my 100-hour diploma right then with IDI.

That IDI education (a one-classroom site at the time) made it possible for me to meet experts from around the globe and learn different areas of skin care, such as Chinese/Eastern philosophies, Aromatherapy of England, and Manual Lymph Drainage of Austria. I completed all courses and received the IDI 100-hour Certificate of Achievement. This early course work made all the difference because it gave me the confidence in my work as a skin care therapist to know I was doing the right thing by my clients, and therefore, gaining their trust. This has truly been the key to my success!

My advanced training opened up areas of learning I might never have acknowledged had I not been involved with IDI. This is the global nature of The International Dermal Institute, and I’ve learned esthetics information from around the world through course work at IDI. To me, this has always been the most valuable opportunity, and I feel IDI is such a "gift" to estheticians in the United States.

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About Me

  • Occupation: Skin Therapist, Owner Sante Dermique
  • Years in Industry: 25
  • Favorite IDI Class: Skin Series: Aging Skin
  • I feel IDI is such a "gift" to estheticians in the United States.