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Washington DC
LaTesha Council

I recently was recognized for completing 100 continuing education hours at the International Dermal Institute (IDI) and I am super excited. I was truly honored and it made me reflect upon my experience with IDI. After obtaining my skin therapy license, I was very excited to embark upon my career as a skin therapist. But at the same time I was very jittery about everything – from performing proper skin analysis to extracting comedones. My nervousness subsided after I was awarded the Lisa White Spiering Legacy Scholarship. This wonderful scholarship provided me with the opportunity to take up to 100 hours of continuing education courses at IDI. The knowledge and experience that I received from IDI empowered me to be a confident skin therapist. Every class challenged me and allowed me to expand upon my skin care knowledge base. In addition to the education, the opportunity to fellowship and learn from my classmates while at IDI has also been a highlight. I have truly built long lasting relationships with likeminded skin therapists and that is an extremely invaluable experience. From day one I have been so impressed with the teachers, staff, students, and quality of education at IDI, and I am truly grateful for this wonderful institution. I have almost made my one year mark as a skin therapist and I look forward to sharing the rest of my professional skin care journey with IDI. I highly encourage all skin therapists to enroll in classes at your nearest IDI because you will no doubt grow as professional! Cheers to 100 hours and 100s more!!

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About Me

  • Occupation: Professional Skin Therapist
  • Years in Industry: 1
  • Favorite IDI Class: Acne: Types, Triggers and Treatment
  • I am truly grateful to IDI for their contribution towards my success and for the overwhelming impact that the organization has had on the Industry for the past 30 years.