Karon Kelly Cambridge

Toronto, CA
Karon Kelly Cambridge

My experience at the International Dermal Institute (IDI) at the Headquarters in Toronto, Canada has been nothing short of world class, and it has been pivotal to my success in the skin care industry thus far.

I was introduced to the idea of pursuing post-graduate education at IDI during the first semester of my 2 year Esthetics/Spa Management diploma at a leading undergraduate college in the Greater Toronto Area. At the time, an Instructor at IDI was the feature speaker at one of our introductory classes, and I was inspired by her genuine passion for the industry, firm grasp of the subject at hand, and, perhaps most of all, her professionalism. Having moved countries to pursue the skin care industry as a second career, this was just the confirmation that was needed to put any doubts or uncertainties regarding my decision to switch careers to rest, and to press on full steam ahead.

My goal then was to be successful – as successful as I was in my previous career. I had to find a way to give myself not only a competitive edge, but also the credibility that would allow me to qualify for career opportunities that would enable me to support my family and to sustain a standard of living similar to the one I had previously (an “impossible” feat I was told on far too many occasions, let me tell you). I decided then that it was of utmost importance to not only get the best value throughout my undergraduate education, but that any education that I received after graduating must be impactful and, more importantly, recognized by the movers and shakers in this industry globally, should I choose to relocate in the future. Being a “newcomer” to this industry, where it is not uncommon for a skin therapist to have the knowledge and experience that comes with having practiced for 10+ years, I understood fully well that time wasn’t on my side, and that, at the very least, I had to work ten times as hard.

The education offered at the International Dermal Institute not only did just that, but absolutely exceeded my expectations. I was able to master world-class techniques, from perfecting a professional cleansing routine and proper extraction techniques, to masque application and removal in foundation classes such as International Skin Care Techniques. Classes such as Chinese Acupressure and Reflexology allowed me to understand the skin and body from a more holistic standpoint, while Skin Series classes such as How the Skin Works, Pigmentation, and Eczema and Psoriasis, enabled me to have a better grasp of not only the histology of skin and how the skin functions, but also the triggers of common skin disorders, and the best methods – from skin care techniques and modalities to ingredients – to effectively target and treat these skin concerns. To quote Oscar Wilde, you can never be overdressed or overeducated – a thought that rings especially true in the industry that we operate in.

After completing 100-post graduate hours at IDI, I successfully obtained a Post Graduate Diploma in Skin and Body Therapy, which is proudly referenced on my resume as a reflection of my ongoing commitment and dedication to achieving nothing short of excellence within this industry. Shortly after being presented with this diploma, my “lack of experience in the industry” was no longer considered a handicap, and career opportunities that were once thought to be out of my league were now made available to me. Seriously, I felt like a rockstar! Fueled by a desire for success, I continue to pursue education through Guest Speaker Events and other special events offered at IDI, as I’ve found that this is the best way to keep my finger on the pulse of what’s happening in our industry.

I truly feel that a firm foundation, coupled with the solid post-graduate education obtained at IDI, has and will continue to assist me in blazing a path of excellence in the skin care and wellness industry, regardless of the career(s) that I may choose. As the late Benjamin Franklin said, an investment in knowledge pays the best interest.

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About Me

  • Occupation: Educator, International Dermal Institute
  • Years in Industry: 5
  • Favorite IDI Class: Acids, Peels, and Exfoliants
  • My goal was to be successful - as successful as I was in my previous career. The education offered at the IDI gave me the platform to achieve just that.