Mary Giggetts

Washington D.C., Virginia
Mary Giggetts

International Dermal Institute (IDI). Who is this? What does it mean? In my mind, it’s just plain “huge.” With education being such a personal passion, I feel like I have definitely found the right place and the right group of professionals at IDI.

In recent years, I have been instrumental in skin care awareness. I have been tackling facial issues head-on, switching from one product to another. After becoming a Skin Therapist in 2009, I began to learn about the skin in more depth – its structure, function, and how to treat various issues.

My motto is, “be a lifelong learner,” so I wanted to learn more! And 54 hours of classes and a hundred miles later, I am still going to IDI. I am now so much more knowledgeable and am able to educate clients! In addition, I quickly began to see marked improvement in my own skin after trying Dermalogica samples. I am thrilled to use the various products and see amazing results for both my clients and for myself!

Attending class at IDI has given me the greatest opportunity and the greatest challenge of my life. It has been very instrumental in my continuing education and being that “Learner for Life” that I continue to pursue.

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About Me

  • Occupation: Skin Therapist, Massage Therapist, Nail Technician/Instructor
  • Years in Industry: 4
  • Favorite IDI Class: Chinese Diagnosis: Face and Body Reading
  • My experience with IDI has been one of the most positive and influential experiences I have ever encountered.