Joyce Marie Partise

Beverly Hills, CA
Joyce Marie Partise

I started taking classes with the International Dermal Institute in 1983. At that time Jane Martin Wurwand was the only instructor in a two room facility. It was a great time of growing and advancement in the industry. So much has changed throughout the years including the involvement of dermatologists and plastic surgeons hiring skin care therapists to work in their offices.

I have taken 500 hours of classes and currently hold the highest degree from the International Dermal Institute for over 300 hours of classes. I continue to attend classes throughout the year because this industry is always advancing with new techniques and product innovation. I attribute the success of my business to the amazing education that I have received at the Dermal Institute. This education has given me the confidence to treat my clients’ skin with the utmost care and knowledge in the industry.

I highly recommend taking classes on a regular basis. The professionalism that is exhibited by the knowledge of the instructors is the best in the industry. The facility is by far the most advanced to make learning easy and enjoyable. I am proud to say that I am one of the very first students at the International Dermal Institute and will continue my education for years to come.

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About Me

  • Occupation: : Skin Care Therapist, Owner Joyce Marie of Beverly Hills
  • Years in Industry: 34
  • Favorite IDI Class: Results and Treatments for Aging Skin
  • The International Dermal Institute is the leader of education in the skin care industry