Catalina Infante

Chicago, IL
Catalina Infante

My interest in skin care started when I was at the European School of Massage. I noticed how tired we future massage therapists looked compared to the estheticians at the skin therapy school! At the time, I had hyperpigmentation and issues with hormonal imbalance showing on my skin, and I did not know what it was or how to treat it. These concerns changed my mind about my career path, so I decided to finish massage school and get straight to studying skin care.

While I was taking classes for skin care, I heard a lot about IDI and decided to see what it was about. One of my friends owns the spa I was working at, and she began to use the Dermalogica line at her treatment center, so I was able to take classes with IDI and Dermalogica. With their help, I better understood my condition and was able to treat it. People now ask me if I had surgery or laser treatment because the spots I once had on my face are completely gone, and my skin looks very healthy.

I thank God for the opportunity to take classes at the International Dermal Institute and to be able to learn more skills and knowledge in this industry. I love all the classes, but my favorites are International Skin Care Techniques, Identifying Skin Diseases and Disorders, and the MicroZone® Treatment classes. Each class I’ve taken has helped me to feel confident in my practice.

I love our industry and I appreciate all the knowledge from the instructors at IDI. Thanks to them I can now make other people feel more confident about themselves with healthy skin, as it helped me! And English is my second language, but explaining ingredients to clients is not a problem anymore thanks to IDI.

am now a Dermalogica Expert, and I will continue to learn more. I have a passion to succeed in this industry, and IDI helps me make that possible. I am very proud to be a part of the IDI team! I am very sincere when I say thank you to IDI and the Dermalogica team!

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About Me

  • Occupation: Master Esthetician and Massage Therapist
  • Years in Industry: 3
  • Favorite IDI Class: International Skin Care Techniques 3 day
  • I have a passion to succeed in this industry, and IDI helps me make that possible.