Gloria Afoa

Los Angeles, CA
Gloria Afoa

I'm forever grateful for the educators and the classes that are available at IDI. I've been a cosmetologist since 2006 but just recently when back to school to further my education in the skin care field. I have been working as an esthetician since 2009 and have worked with Dermalogica ever since. What sets Dermalogica and IDI apart from others is their strive for honest, healthy skin and education. They want you to take as many classes as possible to understand not only the ingredients, the product line but to gain knowledge and educate your clients. The educators at IDI are always available to answer any questions, comments, concerns or validate any thoughts you may have.

I’ve recently sat in the acne class at IDI in Los Angeles for both the theory and practical classes. It was one of the most informative and in-depth classes I have ever attended. Those 4 hours for the theory class went by so fast that honestly, I didn't want to leave and wanted to know more! We reviewed the ingredients of both the retail and professional side and how they work. The educators really break everything down and help you understand until you get it! We went over the causes of breakouts, where they come from and the process they go through. Through my experience with this class, I feel comfortable in knowing that I can now educate any of my clients who are challenged with breakouts.

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About Me

  • Occupation: Skin Therapist and Cosmetologist
  • Years in Industry: 5
  • Favorite IDI Class:
  • The educators are very supportive of you as a person and especially as a skin therapist. IDI is my one-stop shop for all my skin care needs.