Sarah Lei Spagnolo

Los Angeles, CA
Sarah Lei Spagnolo

When I moved to the US, I discovered that one could obtain a license as a skin therapist and decided to pursue it wholeheartedly. I went to school part-time while working full-time for a cosmetics company. I felt that a deeper understanding of the skin, and that treatments could complement my knowledge as a marketing professional in trying to develop and promote skin care products for consumers. I valued my time at the esthetics school and appreciated the effort of my teachers, however, I noticed some flaws in their program and sensed a need to continue learning and updating my skills.

A former colleague of mine, who is an advanced skin therapist, handed me the IDI educational booklet one day and recommended that I take some classes. I’m glad she did! Before she mentioned it to me, I wasn’t aware of the school or the programs it offered. I was very excited to learn that this was also the headquarters of Dermalogica. IDI made me discover that learning about the skin and the beauty business is so much more exciting after the pressure of getting a license is off my back. I love the easy online enrollment process and I can track my progress online any time I want. Plus, it's a pay-as-you-go system so I can tailor my classes to fit my schedule and budget. I’ve taken three classes so far and am planning to take more when my schedule allows it.

The educators maintain a professional appearance at all times and were all very knowledgeable about the subjects they were teaching. Most of the classes fall at the beginning of the week, which I love. The ambiance is beautiful; it's like walking into one of those skin care labs you only see in commercials or movies. They immediately welcome you as soon as you enter the lobby and provide you with your class worksheet. If you're early you can enjoy free coffee or tea in the cafeteria. Then the educator will come over and announce the class when she is ready to take you in. Their visual presentations are very helpful and coincide with what's on the worksheet. I appreciate their hands-on tutorials the most because the teachers are closely supervising you each step of the way. The rooms are very spacious and professional. I love their approach to education – flexible, professional and hands-on. I can’t wait for my next IDI experience.

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About Me

  • Occupation: Skin Therapist and Marketing Professional
  • Years in Industry: 3
  • Favorite IDI Class: How to: Gain New Clients and Increase Services
  • No matter what stage you are in as a professional skin therapist, IDI provides the tools and resources to refresh your skills and knowledge about the industry.