Jessica Polley

Chino Hills, CA
Jessica Polley

My passion and interest in skin care started several years ago. At the time, I was receiving regular treatments from my esthetician and I always had many questions for her as she was performing my facial. I wanted to know what she was using and why. I wanted to learn about the product ingredients and the benefits they had on my skin. My skin therapist was using Dermalogica and I became more and more familiar with its amazing product line. I started to incorporate the products into my home care regimen. My skin started to look and feel better, and people were noticing it as well. Before I knew it I had become a beauty advisor to many of my friends and colleagues. It was time to take my knowledge and enthusiasm to the next level and become a licensed skin therapist. I started researching local beauty schools and decided on the Cao Institute – A Paul Mitchell Partner School in Alhambra. I chose this school because they use Dermalogica in the classroom.

During my esthetician program, we made many educational trips to the International Dermal Institute. With each visit, I was more and more impressed with the knowledge, professionalism, positive attitude and passion for skin care that all the instructors had. It highly motivated me to continue my education after I received my license. Six months after I received my license, I had completed 100 hours of education and received my post-graduate degree from IDI. Two weeks after that I was hired at a beautiful boutique salon and spa.

IDI has been instrumental to me and my skin care education. I truly enjoy what I am doing and it never feels like work. I feel extremely grateful for all the knowledge, support and inspiration IDI has given me.

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