Jill Moss Stetson

Chicago, Illinois
Jill Moss Stetson

When I graduated from aesthetics school I had a basic understanding of skincare, including important issues such as sanitation, facials, massage, etc. However, I didn’t feel I had the details that I wanted to truly understand skin types, techniques, conditions and ingredients. I knew having this information would make me feel more comfortable and confident in building client relationships and providing excellent services.

While I was in school I was introduced to The International Dermal Institute (IDI) because I attended several product classes. A short time before graduation, I saw the IDI schedule and knew that the International Skincare Techniques (ISCT) class could really enhance my aesthetics school education by filling in many of the knowledge gaps. And I was right! This was the first class I took and it was so helpful and insightful that I realized I not only needed more education, I wanted more! This class started my journey to complete my postgraduate Certificate of Achievement, which I did! My continuing education through IDI has been so helpful in not only understanding skin care and basic techniques, but in learning new, exciting techniques such as Aromatherapy, Acupressure and Ayurvedics, to name a few – techniques that I take directly to the treatment room. IDI propelled my education tenfold from what it was at school and positioned me to be much more competitive in the job market.

Aesthetics is my second career here in Chicago. Before becoming an aesthetician I worked in healthcare but on the business side (in sales and marketing management positions). I left that career two years ago and started aesthetics school. Because this was such a radical career change, I wanted to learn as much as I could fairly quickly and I remain committed to ongoing education. My advanced education through IDI helped me acquire positions at two different spas, and currently, I am the lead aesthetician at the Park Ridge Center for Plastic Surgery. I have great respect for IDI’s commitment to advancing aestheticians’ education and professionalism!

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About Me

  • Occupation: Skin Therapist
  • Years in Industry: 2
  • Favorite IDI Class: International Skin Care Techniques 3 day
  • I have great respect for IDI’s commitment to advancing aestheticians’ education and professionalism